MyChart is a secure, online website where patients can access and manage their own clinical and personal health information. It is operated by Sunnybrook Health Sciences, and is available to patients registered at partnered hospital sites. In addition, registered users can electronically grant access to family caregivers, hospital clinicians, primary care physicians, clinicians at Local Health Integration Networks' Home & Community Care Services (formerly Community Care Access Centres), and pharmacists, etc. MyChart is secured through the same encryption technologies used by the major banks for online banking.

MyChart streamlines the way health record information is accessed and shared because it's recognized that patients are critical to ensure effective delivery of care, and this digital health tool empowers patients manage their health by putting the necessary information in their hands. MyChart is accessible from anywhere, at any time, through the Internet by visiting www.mychart.ca.

Data accessible by patients in MyChart comes directly from the hospital's information system where the test or procedure was performed, or through self-entered information. For tests or procedures performed at hospitals, or by Home & Community Care Services, located in the south west Ontario region, that data is already aggregated from hospitals into a health care provider-facing digital health tool called ClinicalConnect, and is now also all available in MyChart if you've been treated at one of this sites.

The following types of health information may be available to patients, and any caregivers or physicians/clinicians to whom they grant access to, through participating healthcare organizations:

  • Personal and family health details (including allergies and current medications)
  • Online appointment requests
  • Online patient questionnaires*
  • Clinic visit notes*
  • Radiology* (i.e. CT, MRI, X-Rays, Ultrasounds)
  • ECG
  • ECHO
  • Pathology*
  • Personal address book, compiled by the patients - physicians, caregivers, labs, clinics, etc.
  • Personal diary and personal tools
  • Labs* (i.e. Hematology, Microbiology, Blood Bank).
  • Patient Profile (for Sunnybrook Family Practice patients only)
  • Links to relevant disease-specific information and online events
  • Personalized health information (e.g. FAQs on procedures, etc.)

*Certain conditions/delay may apply. Some test results may not be available until reviewed directly by physician due to sensitivity and timing of patient's last visit, and certain functionality, such as online booking, is currently limited to being available to patients only at certain participating hospitals.



MyChart is a secure, online website where patients can access and manage their own clinical and per-sonal health information. Through MyChart, patients can also create a care network by granting family caregivers and clinicians' access to their information

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Your patients may ask or invite you to be part of their MyChart network to share additional information that they may be managing through their PHR or to access their information from hospitals. For a patient to invite you into their network, they require your email address, which you can choose to share at your discretion. Once the patient has access to your email address, you will receive an email with steps to register.

Note that sharing your email and opting in to monitor your patient through MyChart is to be done at your own discretion. MyChart is intended to strengthen the patient-provider relationship and may not be appropriate for all clinicians

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